Kreston International

Kreston International Limited is a global network of independent auditing, tax auditing and financial advisory firms.

If you require a professional support, you need a special consultant. Especially when it comes to key issues, a consultant, who is there to make decisions that, will shape your future.

Kreston is committed to provide the best financial advices by going beyond the traditional accountant approach to mentor clients. A harmonious network of more than 200 companies in more than 125 countries with more than 25,000 experts, Kreston provides access to the best quality consultancy services wherever its clients are located in the world.

As new markets and technology evolve, your business is increasingly competing on a global scale. Our members use local liaison networks to shape international solutions that are right for you and your business. All our members have full knowledge of the local regulations and the way of doing business in the countries where they are located. Therefore, they are equipped to take you one step ahead of your competitors.

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